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No challenge too crazy.

Our lathes are suitable for complicated one-off items as well as small and medium-sized series. The Doosan PUMA 2600 LM, Okuma LB3000 and Doosan Lynx 220 LSYC can carry out complex turning andmilling operations using live tools.  In combination with the bar feeder, products can usually be transformed into the end product in a single production run. In the past for example, we have produced a series of atomisers for use in motor sport as part of a single production run on the PUMA 2600LM. That provides enormous savings in production time, in turn minimising delivery times. This machine is not only ideal for large product series, but also for heavy-duty products such as stainless steel drive shafts of up to 400kg.

For high-precision one-off items we use an Okuma LB3000. This machine is ideal, for example, for machining hardened spindle axes.

In addition, we have the Doosan Lynx 220 LSYC. Its Siemens 828D control and sub-spindle means that it is especially suited for complex series, such as copper spot-weld electrodes. Complex machining is not only possible by CAD-CAM control, but also quickly and easily programmed on the machine.

For shorter, smaller runs, we use the Microcut Challenger, for example. This is a teach-in lathe which we use to flexible effect for simple one-off workpieces and to fit welding assemblies, but also for producing crowned rollers for treadmills.


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