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All in one machine.

Milling and turning in one machine? For multitasking look no further than our Okuma Multus U3000. This machine is able to carry out 5-axis simultaneous cuts on the main and sub-spindle.. Additionally, this highly stable machine has a centre-to-centre distance of 1,500mm, a capacity of 80 tools and a milling head with a range of 240˚ on the B axis.

Because milling and turning are both possible on the Multus U3000, not only is production time reduced, fewer staff are needed too. Because only one set-up is required, there is no risk of imprecision from re-chucking, safeguarding both process reliability and accuracy. It’s not without reason that this multitasking machine is 3DTechDraw’s jewel in the crown. After all, it allows us to mill and turn the most complicated of shapes. For example, gate valves, aluminium bronze worm gears and titanium bodies for drones. The machine is versatility personified, but then so are we!


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