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Development and production of towing system

Our partner Johan van der Zand has long experience in the construction of tow trucks and related towing components. Nowadays, trucks are having to carry increasingly heavy loads, which means that the construction and design of these vehicles is becoming more complex. In turn, additional requirements are being imposed on salvage companies responsible for recovering and transporting these juggernauts.

Johan van der Zand set himself the task of developing a suitable system for the recovery and transport of these heavy-duty vehicles. In 2012, he approached 3DTechDraw with a rough sketch drawn on back of an envelope. Once we had transformed the sketch into a workable design, a prototype was made and a trial series produced. After long and intensive trials, the VDZ lifting system was taken into production and the product launched on market. In the meantime, 3DTechDraw has produced over 7,500 components for the VDZ system.

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